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My adventure with flossCAD: The birth of Hexidor

In the summer of 2019 we went on a trip with a bunch of friends where we played a lot of games. One of my favorite games was Quoridor. The problem with this game is that it can only be… Continue reading →

gt2 timingbelt pulley generator.

A while back I posted about a timing belt pulley generator I made. I knew there was one online for gt2 belts but I couldn’t find it anymore. But here it is it can generate GCode and DXF’s for timing… Continue reading →

Real human being captcha

a project page is added

Laser cutting projects page is added

One of my favorite machines is the laser cutter. On this page I’ll post a few of my laser cut projects.

High Voltage Pulse Generator (Stun Gun)

A project page is added: High Voltage Pulse Generator (Stun Gun)

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